Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happy Anniversary

If you would have told my 12 year old self that that tall, awkward cello playing guy in orchestra class was going to make me the happiest wife and mom I know I would have called you crazy.  For years I thought he disliked me because I dated his friend and took his attention.  Come to find out he didn't talk to me because he had a crush on me.  Only took him 7 years to get up enough courage to ask me out but 15 years ago today we started this wonderful journey of our life together.  9 years ago today we made the life long commitment to eachother by exchanging vows atop a mountain.   We have been through a lot and I have learned so much from this man who just keeps getting better every year.  He somehow always sees the best in me, makes me live more and deeper and reminds me what's important in this world. 
Thank you Mom and Dad for taking care of the kids and giving us time together.  It is such a rare and wonderful gift.  We relaxed in a hotel,  slept the WHOLE night through (very rare in the last 2 - 4 years), and went for a great bike ride in Denver to celebrate. 

We stumbled upon a cool art festival in downtown Denver that we would have never planned on attended but really enjoyed.
  The coolest piece:
3D Hungry Hungry Hippo.  
So amazing the talent people have.  

Life wouldn't be life without a little sour.  Heath got a flat tire (I guess when you only ride every few years tires just don't last). 
It was a nice walk back to the car.  One thing Heath and I do really well as a couple is handle adversity.   I know other men and other couples that a flat tire would have ruined the day.  We tend to just make the best of things and move forward.  I really appreciate that about you Heath.  Thank you for never spoiling a perfectly good day with one bad occurance. Or two.  He also got pooped on by a bird.   Crappy luck.  

We finished the day with some of the most important people in our lives.  We are blessed beyond measure and so grateful for our life together.  Happy anniversary babe.  Cheers to the past 9 years and heres hoping for the next 90!