Thursday, January 3, 2013

What? I didn't fret?

There is a situation in my life that usually causes me stress, turmoil and lack of sleep. A update in that situation came today, and I was totally surprised! I forgot about an appointment that had been scheduled for weeks! I am SOOOO proud of myself. I have obviously let go of some feelings about this situation, enough so that I was able to forget. When it was stated that my presence was missed, I didn't feel bad in the least. Wow! No guilt, regret or sympathy.
I have done a considerable amount of work on this problem and it has become apparent to me that I just might have figured out some healthy boundaries.
This is a good life lesson on how to identify an issue, put energy and focus on not solving, but putting in healthy, respectful limits and moving forward with what I can have control and my reactions. I love being an adult in these kind of situations. I have the tools and resources to deal with issues and in a healthy way.