Tuesday, October 13, 2015

One of those Mom moments

It amazes me when small life moments happen that make you realize everything is worth it.  These little people we call children are truly their own people but also a reflection of their parents.  They aren't always great reflections, or what we would want (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onadP4ELMSQ&list=PL5oPQWgVdsDnf7R5sdSjj9JFP5Yz-dtR9&sns=em ) but other times we realize our kids are cool and really fun to be with.  Today I had one of those moments. 
Most mornings we choose some music to play for the morning.  Our choices are "honkey tonk" "booty shaking" or "children's music".  Today the consensus was "booty shaking".  Well, it couldn't be helped that mom was moving to some great beats.  The kids watched in amazement as mom shook her booty.  Logan is at the height of potty training and the timer went off so we rushed upstairs to sit on the potty.  After I got him set up, I come downstairs to see Annabelle (my shy child) having a dance party by herself in the kitchen.   I wish she hadn't noticed me so I could have watched her dance her little heart out!  I burst into laughter and couldn't have been prouder.  She's a cool kid!
I was pregnant with Annabelle when Pandora first came onto the scene.  It allowed us to listen to music that we wouldn't normally hear on the radio and stuff I wasn't normally exposed to.  Heath and I listened to quite a bit of "Ice Cream Paint Job" radio (https://m.soundcloud.com/klownnz/02-lil-wayne-ice-cream-paint-job-djleak ).  I will still attest today that that child was dancing or more like it "shaking her booty" within me.  Those moves I saw in the kitchen today...all Annabelle!