Saturday, December 7, 2013

I'm 33!

I didn't mind turning 30.  In some ways I felt like I had finally arrived.  30 seemed respectable to me. 30 seemed like I wouldn't be treated like I was a kid, and that I would be respected.  Now I am 33!  I am officially mid thirties.  I am LOVING it!  I feel established, I feel settled.  The next step is 40, but I have a lot of years before I have to face that one.
Today I am 33.  I have never felt this sure of myself, confident or comfortable in my skin.  I go forward in this world knowing the things I believe in have been evaluated as my own ideals, and not because that was just the way I was taught. I am raising children, with my husband, whom I chose, and we are raising them with our ideals.  We have a strong foundation, spiritually, financially, mentally, emotionally and physically.  I feel grateful.  I see the beauty each day.  I am happy.
As I embark on this exciting year, I pause to enjoy this day.  I pause to honor the place where I am.  I pause to celebrate me!
Goal setting is very important. "If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time".
This year I want to focus on being an admirable person.  It isn't about the outside looking in, but more about me making choices in everything that I can be proud of, and wouldn't be embarrassed about if someone knew.  My cookie binge eating around the holidays, not admirable!  My tendency to be a distracted driver (texting, entering things on my to do list, in my calendar, etc), is REALLY not admirable.  My strong work ethic, or extreme honesty? Admirable!  It is about me owning every decision and action and being able to be proud.  I have two sets of small eyes that watch everything I do, and hear everything I say. What do I want them to see? Hear? What kind of example do I want to set for them?
This year I will not text and drive.  This year I will read at least 12 books.  This year I will be punctual.  This year I will continue to work towards my weight goal.  This year I will be a admirable woman!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Conclusion of the 32nd Year

Tonight is the last night of my 32nd year of life.  This year has been by far the most growth filled, exceptional, accomplishment laden year. I am proud. Last year I laid out several audacious but well thought out goals.  I was very clear on what I wanted, and carefully built myself a road map to accomplish those goals. It is amazing how far I have come. This is the first time I have ever concluded a year feeling like I am a better more whole person because of the goals I laid out and worked towards, and stuck to the entire year. Most years I couldn't have told you what my goals were the year previous.  
This year we paid off all of my student loans, making us DEBT FREE but the house.  We have successfully cashed flowed our lives including ALL of Heath's tuition.  We are slowly building our emergency fund to that six month of expenses number. That will take us awhile longer.
  I lost 20 pounds!  I missed my overall goal by 10 pounds but have to give myself some slack as these are the 10 pounds I have ALWAYS had. Its baby fat, but not Annabelle's or Logan's, it's Mine.  I am struggling with some major hormonal changes as Logan just weened within the last month or so.  That goal will roll over, and that's ok.
I completed a sprint triathlon.  And I wasn't last!  I don't know if I will become a triathlete but I have my eye on doing the Longmont Triathlon in June and the Tri for a Cure in August.  We will see.  It's an expensive sport and I'm a little afraid of being bit by the bug.  
I feel much healthier than I did a year ago. I am much better and clearer about making me a priority. I have figured out where I fit into my life. I am just as important, if not more important than everyone else.  I slow down when I need to, I put my yoga and meditation practice as a priority and not an afterthought.  I excercise regularly.  I eat well.  I give myself the freedom to sit and read that book instead of do the dishes/laundry/pick up the house etc. I am becoming ok with the chaos, or at least owning the part that I can and dismissing the rest.  I got away for a meditation retreat this year with plans for more in the future.  I take baths often to relax and unwind.  I have blogged, all year!  It is a source of expression and freedom. I have a beautiful anonymous audience who listens, and somehow validates me.  I have a to do list that includes future post ideas.  I have never been a good journalour but somehow this comes more easily, and I look forward to my time, in the bath, with my glass of wine/cup of tea some candles and blogger.  
So here's to an amazing 32nd year. It will go down as the year that changed everything.  I learned how to set attainable goals. How to put me first.  How to set an intention for the day. How to roll with the punches and how to be a beautiful woman.  I am excited about the coming year, and all the potential.  How amazing will I be by this time next year?!  Answer: AMAZING!