Monday, June 1, 2015

10 Years Later

Ten years ago today the man of my dreams and I stood in front of 63 friends and family and took each other's hands in marriage.

I don't think either of us could have dreamed how good the life ahead of us would be. We are some of those rare creators that married life is truly better than single life.
Heath and I complement each other in almost every way. We rarely fight and when we do it would be better described as a tense discussion. We communicate well, we work well together, and we have really learned to speak each other's love language. Above all we are each other's best friends. We both want what's best for the other and often sacrifice our own needs to let the other have what the other needs. Ironically those things are often the exact same thing. We finish each other's sentences and start saying the same thing at the exact same moment. We are that annoying couple.

Heath bought me a bracelet many years ago with a saying I love. "To be rich in love is to be rich in life". We have been blessed with incredible families filled with love, admiration and respect. Both of our families get together often and it is so genuine an outsider wouldn't be able to tell who is blood and who is not.  

We have also been blessed with two amazing children. They are the most loving, kind, thoughtful, smart and hilarious children. We feel lucky to be their parents. They full our life with joy, and the future is so bright with possibilities.

Our house was hand picked for us and has turned into a beautiful home. It does not have the finest of things, but is filled to the brim with the finest of things. It is a restful refuge from everyday crazy life.

Today we chose to spend the day together. We started by family cuddles in our bed.
We made a large breakfast and packed up for a fun filled day.

We took a beautiful hike on a wonderful family friendly trail outside of Boulder. It was fun to stop and look at the flowers, bugs, rocks, and even found some scat and animal print (mountain lion?).

The weather was perfect with just the right amount of cloud cover and breeze. We stopped for a picnic lunch at the trailhead, and enjoyed our peanut butter and jellys with the sound of a stream and the smell of pine.

As our tradition, we revisited our site where we took our vows. Just as it was 10 years ago, beautiful blue skies with snow capped peaks in the distance. I have no regrets about being married in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Looked like a good spot to revist that wedding kiss!

We returned to Longmont and went to a new place for dinner. We had some great food and enjoyed some sweet company. Great way to cap the end of the day! 

I am so grateful for this amazing life that keeps unfolding in front of us. I can't even imagine what may lay ahead of us but can't help being excited by all of the possibilities!
Happy Anniversary honey. I love you so much and am so grateful to you and for this life!