Monday, September 1, 2014

September Writing Challenge

I woke up today with a deep desire to start a writing challenge.  We have had a rough six weeks around here and I feel that I have let a lot of my good habits I was on a roll with go.  It seems like every 1st of the month rolls around and it is another opportunity to start over, or turn over a new leaf.  My goals for September are to:

  • Complete my morning yoga practice everyday. This morning epiphony:  include the kids!  They love doing yoga with me.  They are supprisingly good at it, and it is good for them as it is for me to stretch every day.  Plus it's something we can do together, everyday.  
  • Meditate everyday, at least for 5 minutes.  It really makes a difference and I can tell when my practice lapses.
  • Exercise everyday.  I need to be physical everyday.  It is good for me mentally and physically.  
  • Read everyday.  Reading expands your horizons.  Broadends your persective, and makes you grow and develop in new ways.
  • Write everyday.  Writing makes you think, stretches you and makes me think about things that I wouldn't necessarily think about.
I scowered the internet this morning for writing challengs.  I was just about to throw in the towel and come up with somehting on my own when I found this one.

It's a lot longer than I originally was thinking, but I thought that I would start it and see how it goes.  So here it goes, 30 days of writing.

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