Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I take no offense

As you can probably imagine, I have a lot of Facebook friends who are in the medical profession.  I have seen a lot of posts in the last few days regarding a Colorado nurse competing in the Miss America pageant, and now some comments regarding her talent portion.  I had no idea what anyone was talking about so I had to google both, and watched both clips for what they were.  I completely support everyone in their opinions and being offended.  I completely support any one who wants to boycott watching "The View".  I will not stop watching "The View" though because I doubt they would notice a drop in my ratings, since well, I have never seen it. I am also not offended by what Michelle Collins and Joy Behar said.  I think their comments reflect poorly on them, not on us and a profession as a whole.  I think it shows Joy's ignorance around what and who nurses are.  I for one consider the source for whom offensive comments come from.  I choose not to take offense when those opinions come from small people, making conclusions based solely on appearances, from a narrow world view. 
   I am secure in my status as just a nurse.  I feel proud to tell people what I do for a living.  I think the title "nurse" commands some respect in most incidences.  I believe that most of America feels the same way, and that is why we have seen such a backlash.  I get told almost nightly how respected my profession is.  There is no misunderstanding in my patients minds who is holding their hand, toileting them, treating their pain and calming them from their nigh terrors.  
A point that I don't believe has been talked about enough is how amazing Kelley Johnson was for her monologue.  The women of "The View" were making more fun of her "talent" than her as a nurse.  I was glad to see a professional women, compete to the best of her ability to get to such a platform.  She not only showed poise, but wrote something extremely eloquent, heart felt, funny and concise, delivered it to a worldwide audience without stumbling on her words, all in under 2 minutes.  I would like to see more beauty pageant contestants break out of the typical box and do something refreshing and unique.
Although I am not offended, I am very proud of a fellow beautiful Colorado nurse coming in 3rd in the nation.  I am also glad this has all happened.  I love seeing all the #nursesunite. Its about time something gets us as a community all fired up about what we do, and defend our profession.  "I'm just a nurse" minimizes us and I am glad to see us change the language around.  For that I am thankful.  Because that was exactly the point of the monologue in the first place!

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