Thursday, February 11, 2016

Meridian Tapping

One of my best discoveries recently is of meridian tapping.  It has done a better job of helping me with my anxiety than anything I have ever tried. 
I stumbled upon this practice from a video posted from one of my favorite bloggers.  (  The author has a daughter with some sensory issues and she shared a video of how she helps to prevent meltdowns with tapping.  It was so amazing to see this little girl model after her mama.  That video sent me on a search for other videos and more information.  The  basic premise is that our bodies are made up of grids, called meridians.  Energy gets stuck in these meridians as travels through our bodies.  There are several ways to help unblock it and move it around.  Accupuncture, accupressure, massage, reflexology all work on similar premises.  Once I tried tapping, I was immediatly hooked.  I could literally feel some of these channels unclog.  It was like pulling a stopper out of a sink full of dirty dish water.  I could instantly feel my body relax and tension release.
I have been practicing tapping almost daily for many weeks now and this morning I didn't really feel anything shift.  It got me curious.   Was I not in the right space or if maybe for the first time since I started, maybe I hit a plateau?  Did I not have any built up or clogged energy?  Maybe I did a maintenance session?  Kind of a cool thought.  To be continued...

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