Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My Momma's Birthday

Today my mother defies all odds and enters another decade of her life.  My mother, who survived a horrible childhood, endured a difficult adult life, fought and won three separate cancers, raised two very strong daughters, and has been blessed by four adoring grandchildren, turns 70!  She is THE MOST beautiful, vibrant and alive 70 year old I know.  She is an inspiration to me every day I live.  She constantly gives of herself, of her time, of her love and of her prayer.  I often tease that she has the direct line to God.  She prays and things happen.  She is a wonderful mother and I have never doubted for a moment how much she loves me.  I only hope that I can raise my children in such a way that they have the security and unwavering love that my mother always gave me.  Thank you Mom for being a guiding light in my life and always setting a standard for which all others are measured.  I love you!

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