Wednesday, December 7, 2016

I'm 36!

Today I turn 36.  How the hell did this happen?  Recently it has struck me just how quick time has seem to go.  I have blogged before about how I have reached the age that I never thought I would be.  Even more so at 36.  I feel in some way that I have come into my own.  I feel as though I have a lot of my priorities straight, and I know what and who is important.  I have much less tolerance for BS and value quality and depth much more than quantity.  Maybe this is a normal progression of age but it is a noticeable difference in the past few years.
There is so many things that take my time, energy and emotional attention at this time that I haven't had the time or capacity to be very introspective recently.  For the past several years I have written this big blog post about who I am, where I stand, what my goals for the year are.  This year I am lucky that I got to my computer to blog.
At 36...

  • I strive to be authentic.  I am drawn to all things original and authentic and I would like to be the most honest, best version of myself.
  • I want to be active.  I want physical activity to be a part of me.  I want to crave it when I don't have it.  I want it to be a necessary part of every day.
  • I want to embrace grace.  Grace for myself, grace for others.  I want to be understanding and hold no condemnation towards my or anyone else's actions.
  • I want to be present.  Time keeps slipping through my hands and I feel as though I miss the forest through the trees.  I pray that I can be present in every day life.  When I'm somewhere or with someone I want to be fully present in that moment.  When I shop, I want to be shopping.  When I am with my kids, I want to be with my kids, when I'm working I want to be working.
That is it.  That is my depth and introspection.  I am off to be authentic, active, graceful and present in my day!

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