Thursday, November 28, 2013

Gratitude Journal Day 26: Lisa

November 26th, 2013
I discovered awhile ago that more people had housekeepers than I would have ever imagined.  In the state of life we are in right now, with as much as Heath and I have on our plate, a few things we were doing had to give.  Several months ago I asked Heath if I could hire a housekeeper.  It is the best money I spend every week!  Not only for vacuumed carpet, scrubbed kitchen floors, but for the peace of mind that the bathtub my children are sitting in is in fact sanitary, and when Logan is rolling around on the floor he doesn't stand up wearing enough dog hair to build another dog.  We keep up with the day to day clutter, but the stuff I wasn't getting to each week, and the stuff I was never getting to, is clean and I am never ashamed to have surprise company.   
It is a luxery, and one I imagine we won't always feel we need, but for now I am grateful that a sweet grandma type women came into my life, doesn't charge me a fortune, loves my kids, does little extra things each week that I have to tell her that's not what we expect but she does because she sees the relief she brings me and how much stress she lets me let go of. Thank you Lisa, today I am grateful for you!

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